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Good quality 1G SFPx2 Server NIC for sales
Good quality 1G SFPx2 Server NIC for sales
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Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd

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Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd

Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market : North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Brands : Plover
No. of Employees : 20~100
Annual Sales : 3500000-5000000
Year Established : 2001
Export p.c : 50% - 60%
In 2007
Ø R & D Production The First INTEL 82571 Chipset Dual-Port Pluggable Fiber Optic Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter (Model 10002PF), And Put Into The Market.
In 2008
Ø 10002PF Well-Proven Gigabit Ethernet Market, And Began Mass Production, While The List Of Finalists Purchase a Domestic Server Vendors;
Ø 82571 Gigabit Electrical Interface Card First INTEL Chipset Implement Localization;
In 2009
Ø Company Launched Gigabit INTEL Chipset With a Load Of Equalization 82576 Gigabit Ethernet;
In 2010
Ø Company Launched Simultaneously With The INTEL INTEL 82599 Gigabit Pluggable Fiber Optic Network Card, Quickly Recognized By The Market, The Same Year To Be Applied To a Large Area Of Domestic Gigabit Cafe Area And Fully Recognized By The Market, Becoming The First Field Brand;
Ø Company Then Launched a Four-Port Based On INTEL 82580 And 82580 Pairs Of Fiber NIC Ports;
In 2011
Ø Company Based On INTEL 82571 Gigabit Gigabit Ethernet Capabilities Increase The Single-Lit, And Then Get Bory, Boco Finalists Unicom Together National Data Collection System, And As a Capture Card Is a Large Area The Application Of Data Collection Centers In China Unicom;
Ø Company's R & D Staff Developed a High-Performance Processor Board POWERPC Get Iron ASTRI Certification For Railway System;
In 2012
Ø Company Is Rigorously Tested DELL Server NIC Headquarters, a Third-Party Vendor Finalists Sequences And Long-Term Use On DELL Equipment;
Ø Company's Card As a Domestic Server Vendor Finalists, The Same Year The Country's White-Box Server Vendors With 80 Percent Of The Feimairuike Card;
Ø Company's Card Has Been Exported To Russia, Germany, South Korea, The United States, Israel And Other Countries;
In 2013
Ø Company's Gigabit NIC Working Together For The Country's Mobile And Telecommunications Room As a Data Acquisition Card And Data Collection In The Country's Leading Companies In The Field, From 1G And 10G Cards Division I, Is Widely Used As a Capture Card China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile's Engine Room, And With Several Major Domestic Carriers To Do The Data Collection Company Has Established Long-Term Cooperation,
Ø Company's First Fiber To The Desktop Network Card Available, And Widely Used In The Major PC Vendor's Equipment, The Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Tianjin Hospital Examination, The Foreign Ministry Widespread Use Of Fiber To The Desktop System;
In 2014
Ø Company's Gigabit Card For a Large Area Of a Listed Company's Accelerated Business, And Has Been Fully Verified;
Ø Company Introduced a High-Performance Gigabit NIC Desktop Single Port To Come Out;
Ø Company Plans To Launch INTEL Chipset Based Card 40G, The Preparatory Work Has Been Completed, Waiting For The Launch INTEL Chips;
In 2016
Ø 10G Four Ports Server Network Cards, And 40G Dual Ports Server NIC Are Put In The Market. Our Products Are Sold Out More Than 50 Countries All Over The World.
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Femrice (China) Technology Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Ms. Lucy Livingse

Tel: 00-86-13810479562

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